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BOLD is delighted to introduce the Lord Of The Rings silver coins. These BU silver coins honor the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings in the Fellowship Series, with a mintage of just 10,000 pieces.

History Of Lord Of The Rings

J. R. R. Tolkien's composition of The Lord of the Rings is chronicled in Christopher Tolkien's four-volume opus The Background of The Lord of the Rings, which was released between 1988 and 1992. Volumes six through nine of The History of Middle-Earth are referred to as The History.

The first book of The History contains three first drafts, or "phases," as Christopher Tolkien refers to them, including "The Shadow of the Past," which Tolkien later referred to as "the key chapter" and which establishes the main plot. The Fellowship of the Ring entering the Mines of Moria marks the conclusion of the story.

The second volume continues to the meeting with Théoden, king of Rohan, and includes discussions of the original map of Middle-Earth at the end of the Third Age, and the creation and evolution of Lothlórien, Galadriel, Treebeard, the Ents, and Fangorn, as well as the development of Cirth in an appendix. It also includes plans for Frodo and Sam's journey to Mordor.

The War of the Ring, the third book, continues through the Black Gate's opening.

The story is concluded in the last volume, which also includes the rejected Epilogue in which Sam responds to his children's queries. The Drowning of Anadûnê draft, The Notion Club Papers (a time-travel tale related to Nmenor), and the only account of Tolkien's invented tongue Adûnaic are also included.

Features Of Coins

Each silver coin produced by the New Zealand Mint for Niue has 1 Troy oz of.999 pure silver. This low-mintage premium coin offering is highly valuable and comes in a handsome coin case that is great for displaying. It comes packaged in a display-ready, premium coin case that has Lord of the Rings-themed packaging. The restricted mintage of 3,000 coins includes a Certificate of Authenticity along with the coin's special serial number. You must act swiftly to obtain yours given the limited mintage!

About New Zealand Mint

For more than 50 years, the New Zealand Mint has produced legal tender collector coins, gold bullion, and medallions. The New Zealand Mint, which produces solely precious metal coins, takes pride in its top-notch design and production expertise. It was one of the first mints in the world to embrace the.9999 standard for gold coin purity.

Why should you buy coins from the New Zealand Mint?

All coins from the New Zealand Mint are minted to the highest standards. The sharpness and brilliance, along with fine details, are hallmarks of their bullion products. 

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