How Much is Your 1922 Peace Dollar Really Worth?

How Much is Your 1922 Peace Dollar Really Worth?
Posted on May 15, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

Have you ever had a memorable experience when you were digging in some old boxes or archives and came across a lovely silver dollar coin? It could be just a 1922 Peace dollar! The surprising fact is that the coins, although their design is amazingly classic, are for more than just a dollar.

By means of this guide you can learn the 1922 Peace dollar value. Firstly, we will look into the background of these coins by tracing their historical context. Following that, we'll learn how to effortlessly figure out your coin's condition, as its condition is the most important thing for its worth.

We'll also demonstrate the various varieties of 1922 Peace dollars and their prospective value. Some are extremely rare!

So grab your coin and prepare to learn about the 1922 Peace dollar value! The hidden treasure you're holding may surprise you.

    History of 1922 Peace Dollar

History of 1922 Peace Dollar

In commemoration of the end of World War I, which was dubbed "the war to end all wars", the 1922 Peace Silver Dollar was struck. The word "Peace" was etched to represent both America's desire for world peace and its critical role in reestablishing order in a world torn apart by conflict.

Peace Dollars from 1922 have a numismatic value, which indicates that collectors typically pay more for them than their silver melt value. Not only does the .90 fine silver content of 1922 Peace Dollars have value, but their history adds to their worth.

When the Morgan Dollar was discontinued in 1921, the history of the Peace Dollar officially began. Morgan Dollars were first minted from 1878 to 1904 and issued before the Peace Dollar.

The U.S. Mint reintroduced the Morgan Dollar in 1921 and subsequently retired it forever. Given its popularity, it's not surprising that Peace Dollars became an instant sensation among collectors.

Anthony de Francisci designed the coin, which features an imposing bald eagle resting on one side and Lady Liberty adorning the other. The coin is comparatively common due to its remarkable mintage figures, as more than 51 million were produced in 1922. Even though it was minted in large quantities, its importance to American history and coinage has not diminished.

    Grading of 1922 Peace Dollar

Although a large portion of the process is based on the judgment of knowledgeable coin graders, the coin grading procedure is extensive and intricate. Like any other coin, its potential value increases with its degree of wear and tear. One can possibly determine a coin's grade by carefully inspecting both the obverse and reverse to look for flaws.

To find out how your Peace Dollar coin value and condition might be graded, use the guidelines below.

  • Uncirculated: A 1922 Peace Dollar coin that has not been circulated will have no visible wear and tear. The coin will appear as though it just came off the Mint's presses despite its age. The coin's tone and color may provide some indication as to how old it is, but there are no obvious physical signs of wear and tear on the coin's design or texture.

    You can examine the coin closely with a magnifying glass to examine every detail, including the olive branch, and check for any signs of fading or wear on the image.

  • Extremely Fine: An extremely fine 1922 Peace Dollar will show very little evidence of wear and tear on both the obverse and reverse, placing it just one step below the brilliant uncirculated grade.

    Certain details on the coin, like the Eagle or Liberty, might seem faded. Due to years of hand-exchanging, all or parts of the coin may feel smooth to the touch. Still, this coin has a nice appearance and is in generally excellent condition.

  • Fine: Although the coin shows obvious signs of wear and tear, all of its imagery is still present and easily recognizable. The coin may have dated imagery and text, and its general appearance may be uninteresting.

  • Good: The coin's images and text are hard to read due to long-term wear and tear. The identity of the coin must be ascertained by careful inspection. These coins have a limited mintage and supply, which makes them extremely popular even though they may not be in perfect condition.

    Types and Value of 1922 Peace Dollar

Types and Value of 1922 Peace Dollar

1. 1922 Peace Dollar - Normal Relief

The majority of 1922 Peace Dollars were made with a Normal Relief design. The 1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar normal relief variety is the most widely available and, even in mint condition, is typically less expensive due to its popularity.

In normal relief, the 1922 Peace Dollar is valued between $18 and $50. With 51,737,000 silver dollars minted in Philadelphia, it has the highest mintage of any coin and is also the most common date in the Peace Dollar series.

ConditionSeries Year
Very Fine$35
Extremely Fine$30
About Uncirculated$40
Mint-State 63$60
Mint-State 64$95
Mint-State 65$200
Finest known ( MS67)$10000

2. 1922-D Peace Dollar value

The 1922-D Peace dollars were minted more than twice the 1923-D dollars. Later years saw a sharp decline in Denver's peace dollar production. 1922-D Mint State Compared to the Philadelphia peace dollars from 1922, these are less common. Many were worn out from their use in the casinos in Nevada.

GradeConditionSeries Year
Very FineCirculated$23
Extremely FineCirculated$25
Mint-State 61uncirculated$50
Mint-State 63uncirculated$90
Mint-State 65uncirculated$500
Finest known ( MS67)uncirculated$90000

3. 1922-S Peace Dollar Value

A significant portion of 1922-S Peace dollars were used at Nevada's casinos. The Mint closest to both Reno and Las Vegas was San Francisco. Attractive Mint State 1922-S Peace dollars are hard to come by due to poor strike quality.

According to the NGC Price Guide, a 1922-S Peace Dollar in circulated condition would fetch between $34 and $43 by April 2024. On the other hand, uncirculated, flawless 1922 S Silver Dollars can fetch up to $40,000 on the open market.

GradeConditionSeries Year
Very FineCirculated$23
Extremely FineCirculated$25
Mint-State 61uncirculated$50
Mint-State 63uncirculated$90
Mint-State 65uncirculated$1250
Finest known ( MS67)uncirculated$41,125

    Some Rare 1922 Peace Dollar Value

Some Rare 1922 Peace Dollar Value

1. 1922 High Relief Proof Peace Dollar

A portion of the 35,401 1922 Peace dollars with High Relief were produced as evidence. Peace dollars with 1922 High Relief proof are available in two varieties. One variety features a sandblasted finish, while the other has a matte finish. Eight of the 1922 High Relief Matte Finish Peace dollars have the sandblasted finish, out of the approximately ten known examples.

Type1922 High Relief Proof Peace Dollar (Matte Finish)
Finest known ( MS67)uncirculated
Auction Price$458250

2. 1922 High Relief Peace Dollar

The rare 1922 High Relief Peace Dollar has a sandblasted finish. The coin's high relief design was slightly altered by Chief Engraver Morgan and is based on Anthony de Francisci's artistic Peace. After 35,401 coins were struck, the mintage was stopped, and all of the coins were melted down. There are only eight known sandblasted finish 1922 High Relief Peace dollars.

Type1922 High Relief Proof Peace Dollar (Sandblasted Finish)
Auction Price$192,000 (SP64)

Closing Thought

Finding a 1922 Peace dollar is similar to discovering a valuable gem. These coins represent America's principles and persistence for peace following World War I and have a fascinating history beyond their face value of one dollar.

This article guides you how to examine the 1922 Silver Peace dollar value using its types, conditions, and rarity. Determining the value of these coins can be an insightful experience, regardless of whether you are a collector or just happened upon one. You never know—your peace dollar might be worth more than you think!

If you want to add a historical touch to your collection with this Peace dollar coin, rest assured: BOLD offers silver Peace dollar coins of random dates at the lowest prices.

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