1970 Quarters Value: Worth More Than You Think!

1970 Quarters Value: Worth More Than You Think!
Posted on May 06, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

Do you have a jar full of loose change sitting around pointlessly? If you're like most people, the answer is probably a resounding "yes!" But what if we told you that some of those coins could be worth more than you think - like, a lot more?


Take the 1970 quarter value, for example. Depending on its rarity and condition, this little coin could be worth a small fortune. In fact, in 2016, a 1970 quarter was listed on eBay for a whopping $35,000. Yep, you read that right - thirty-five thousand dollars for a single coin!

At first, you might think, "Who in their right mind would pay that much for a quarter?" And honestly, we can't blame you. But the thing is, value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for something. There are individuals who are pretty serious about coin collecting and willing to pay a premium price for rare and unique coins such as the 1970 quarter.

So, if you're curious about the 1970 quarter value and want to learn more about its history, types, and rare error versions, then join us on this exciting journey. Who knows - you might just have a hidden treasure sitting in that old jar of loose change!

     History of 1970 Washington Quarters

  • The 1970 US Mint quarter series honored George Washington's 200th birthday.
  • John Flannigan designed the reverse side.
  • The obverse design was based on Jean-Antoine Houdon's 1785 bust of Washington.
  • The Mint released various quarter varieties with different compositions, including the shift to cupronickel coins in 1964.

Among the several quarter series that the US Mint produced to honor US presidents is the 1970 series. In this instance, they paid tribute to Washington's 200th birthday. George Washington was born in Virginia on that particular day in 1732.

The mints were asked to release the quarter designs by February 22nd, and designers were asked to finish the work on schedule. John Flannigan was the chosen artist in charge of the reverse design.

In creating the obverse side of the coin, he had to adhere to stringent guidelines. The proposal was to model it after the 1785 bust of George Washington by Jean-Antoine Houdon.

The US Mint has since released several quarter varieties with various compositions. The biggest shift happened in 1964 with the introduction of new cupronickel coins and the discontinuation of pieces made of 90% silver.

    1970 Quarter Value and Types

History of 1970 Washington Quarters

A typical 1970 quarter value is more than just its face value, even though it might not seem all that different from the quarters jingling in your pocket change. Errors, defects, and mint marks are important factors that affect the market price.

Because a standard 1970 quarter is composed entirely of copper-nickel and contains no silver, its value is typically near its face value in circulated condition.

Uncirculated copies, particularly those in excellent condition, can sell for much more money. Demand and prices for mint-state quarters are rising as collectors look for immaculate examples to add to their collections.

1970 Quarter Value No Mint Mark

The Philadelphia Mint is the source of all vintage American coins with no mint mark, including the 1970 Washington Quarters. There are 136,420,000 of them.

Since these coins are only 50 years old and do not contain silver, their value isn't very high. This year's mintage of quarters includes circulated and uncirculated coins; low-graded coins are only worth their face value.

In the mint condition, quarters range in price from $1 to $375, depending on their quality and rarity. These include:

Mintage136,420000 pieces
Quality/RarityDepends on mint state condition
MS 60$1
MS 61$1
MS 62$1
MS 63$10
MS 64$14
MS 65$22
MS 66$70
MS 67$375
MS 67+$2160

1970 D Quarter Value

The John Flanagan-designed 1970 D quarter is a Washington quarter with a mintage of 417,341,364 and was struck in Denver. Unlike coins struck on a dime planchet, made by striking a real dime blank in a quarter coin press, this coin is not the same.

According to the NGC Price Guide, circulated 1970 D quarters are valued between $0.30 and $0.85, while uncirculated 1970 D quarters can fetch as much as $110. The finest uncirculated examples can fetch $350, while pieces with moderate wear can go for $30.

Mint Mark“D” mint mark
MS 61- MS 64$1- $5
MS 65$16
MS 66$22
MS 67$65
MS 68$ 2800
MS 69 (Most valued)$15000

S Proof 1970 Quarter Value

In 1970, the San Francisco mint was the sole producer of proof coins, turning out a total of 2,632,810 of those quarters. These proof coins are worth $7 for PR 67-graded pieces, $8 for PR 68-grade pieces, and $14 for PR 69-ranking pieces.

In 2003, the 1970 S PR 69 quarter with the highest profit margin was sold for $110. It is not the most expensive coin in this set when compared to other rare coins.

A few proof Washington quarters from this year's mint are unique because of their contrasted cameo. The value of those in grades PR 67 through PR 69 ranges from $15 to $42.

The quarter from 1970, specifically the 1970 S PR 66 with CAM quality, was sold for an exceptionally high price of $1,553. This price was significantly higher than other coins minted in the same year.

Similarly, the most collectible coins from 1970 are the 1970 S proofs with deep cameo contrast. Official estimates suggest that these coins can cost a considerable amount:

MintSan Francisco
Mintage2632810 proof quarters
PR 67- PR 68$ 15- $42
PR 69$110
PR 66 (CAM)$1553
PR 67 DCAM$54
PR 68 DCAM$90
PR 69 DCAM$450
PR 69 DCAM Most Valuable$2760

    Some Rare and Error 1970 Quarters

Some Rare and Error 1970 Quarters

The 1970 quarters with errors are rare and more valuable. Let's determine these rare and 1970 quarter value errors.

Mis Print Quarter

Overprinting of 1941 Canadian quarters was done on some of the 1970 quarters. When using good lighting, you can see this error on the reverse side, where the year 1941 is visible above the word DOLLAR. A collector discovered a rare 1970 S-proof quarter that was misprinted and sold it on eBay for a whopping $35,000.

Sr.No.CoinGrade by NGCValue
1.1970-S Quarter struck on 80% silver 1941 Canadian QuarterPF 65$35000
2.1970-S Quarter struck over a silver George V Canadian QuarterPF 64$7800
3.1970- S Quarter struck on the Philippines 25 centavos coinPR 64$4600

Thin 1970 Quarter

Round blanks that are the same thickness as the coin are stamped to create coins. To create the actual coins, the blanks are subsequently fed into coining presses.

Someone fed a strip of metal meant for dimes through the stamping machine at the Denver Mint in 1970 to create blank quarters. These blanks produced quarters that were the same thickness as dimes when they were fed into the quarter coining press!

Although these error coins are officially named "1970-D Quarter on Dime Stock", collectors refer to them as "thin quarters". Before the error was discovered, an estimated 100,000 1970-D thin quarters were produced.

1970-D quarters struck on dime stock range in value from $30 for pieces with moderate wear to $350 for the finest uncirculated specimens. Those struck on a dime planchet, which is made by striking a real dime blank in a quarter coin press, are not the same coins as these.

1970-D Quarter on Dime StockAccidentally struck over planchets prepared for dimes$35- $300
Double strike and off-center error quartersDouble pressed with 70% off centered second struck$1020

    1970 Quarter Grading

Coins are ranked from 1 to 70 on a scale. A coin in Mint State 70 is perfect, even when viewed closely. After they are created, coins intended for circulation are kept in sizable bins and canvas bags, where they are bumped and bruised. This practically eliminates the possibility of an MS70 grade on a circulation-strike coin.

Proof coins are handled with care and sealed into sets, such as the 1970-S quarter. The best chance of achieving a perfect 70 is with these coins. A few proof coins have received a PR69, nearly reaching that prestigious rank.

1Basal State-1
3Very Fair
4, 5, 6Good
7, 8, 10Very Good
12, 15Fine
20, 30Very Fine
40Extremely Fine
50About Uncirculated
60Mint State
65Mint State
70Mint State

Closing Thought

Finding the 1970 Quarter value has involved researching their rarity and history. Considering their mint-state condition or uncommon errors, these seemingly commonplace coins can turn out to be extraordinary treasures. Every 1970 quarter, whether it is from the common US Philadelphia Mint or the rare Denver and San Francisco proofs, has a backstory and possible value. These quarters represent more than just the fascinating history of coinage; they also represent the collector's passion for finding undiscovered gems.

The world of numismatics is full of excitement, whether it's the thrill of discovering a thin quarter or the attraction of a misprinted rarity.

Therefore, keep in mind that every coin has a story to tell, and that story may be worth more than you initially believe the next time you come across a jar of loose change. It serves as a reminder that value is frequently hidden in the details, just waiting to be found by those with an inquisitive mind and sharp eye.

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