1972 Dollar Coin Value: A Rare Variety

1972 Dollar Coin Value: A Rare Variety
Posted on April 02, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

While the bullion market is going strong with multiple buyers, sellers, and traders of coins, we hardly focus on the history of the coins available for purchase. Most coins we purchase have traveled hundreds of years to reach our treasuries. Knowing them better only adds to their intrinsic value.

The 1972 dollar coin is one such asset. One of the famous Eisenhower dollars, these coins are sought after by investors and collectors alike.

Moreover, 1972 was a special year for these dollars, increasing the 1972 dollar coin value over time.

Before diving deeper into the coin’s value and the reason behind its rarity, let us briefly discuss the Eisenhower dollar.

The Eisenhower Dollar

The Eisenhower dollar is a series of one-dollar coins issued by the US Mint between 1971 and 1978. It followed the end of the Peace dollar series in 1935, the first coin series the US Mint issued since then.

As the name suggests, the coin series was created in honor of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. All Eisenhower dollars carry the President’s image on the obverse and depict the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon mission on the reverse.

    1972 Eisenhower Dollar – The Second Year Of Production

The credit for the first Eisenhower dollar prototypes. The first strikes were made in 1971, and the Government reportedly melted the prototypes to create newer and finer coins.

As the Eisenhower dollars entered their second year of production, the United States Mint produced more than 170 million circulation strikes. The circulation strikes were made in the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. While the coins minted in Philadelphia do not carry any mintmark, the ones struck in the Denver Mint carry a “D” mintmark.

Along with the circulation coins, the US Mint produced over two million uncirculated versions of the 1972 dollar (the “Blue Ike”) and more than 1.8 million proof coins (the “Brown Ike”) of the same.

The San Fransisco Mint minted both these versions and carry an “S” mintmark. These coins increase the 1972 Eisenhower dollar coin value due to rarity and purity.

If you wish to purchase these coins for collection or investment purposes, you should know that the mint state (MS) coins will give you the maximum 1972 dollar coin value.

    The 1972 Dollar Coin Varieties

One of the key reasons behind the importance and rarity of the 1972 Dollar coin is its multiple varieties. 1972 was the year when the US Mint adjusted the Eisenhower dollar’s design, resulting in three major coin varieties.

1) The Philadelphia Coins

The Philadelphia Mint produced three 1972 Eisenhower dollar varieties (Type I, Type II, and Type III) made from the copper-nickel alloy. None of these coins carry any mintmarks, making them easy to identify.

The obverse section of all three coins remains the same – a left-facing profile of President Eisenhower, with “LIBERTY” engraved on the top. The coin reads “IN GOD WE TRUST” below the President’s bust.

The main difference between the three coin varieties lies in the reverse section.

In all Eisenhower coins, the reverse side shows the Apollo 11 insignia. Carrying an olive branch, the American eagle perches over the moon’s surface with the earth over its head.

The coin’s top rim contains the inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. You can also see “E PLURIBUS UNUM” below the American eagle and the coin’s denomination.

The 1972 Eisenhower dollars also feature Central America, North America, and the Caribbean islands.

This is where the key difference between Philadelphia coins lies:

  • The Type I coin variation depicts the three islands off the Florida coast.

  • The Type II variation carries the highest 1972 dollar coin value in this section due to its rarity. It carries a higher relief feature where the Florida peninsula looks like a single triangular funnel. Moreover, the Caribbean islands look like a single large island.

  • The Type III variation also carries a high-relief design. While the islands here are clearly defined, the upper-left island goes past Florida’s western edge. Also, the bottom-left island on this coin is a little larger. The Type III design was finalized and used as it was from that moment onwards.

2) The Denver Coins

The Denver Mint produced the 1972 Eisenhower dollars using the Type III design as mentioned above. These coins carry the “D” mintmark under the President’s neck.

3) The San Francisco Coins

The San Francisco Coins The San Fransisco Mint maintained a high 1972 dollar coin value by producing uncirculated and proof silver coins. Minted exclusively for coin collectors, these coins contain 40% silver and 60% copper, carrying an “S” mintmark. This mint did not produce any copper-nickel dollars, keeping its silver-clad coins exclusive.

What Makes The 1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type II Rare?

According to the Professional Coin Grading Company (PCGS), the 1972 Eisenhower Dollar Type II from the Philadelphia Mint, was accidentally struck with a die intended for making proof coins.

Not more than 40,000 such coins are available in all grades.

Most have been circulated enough to make identification difficult. Nevertheless, the ones you can identify carry high value, all thanks to a minor accident!

    Current 1972 Dollar Coin Value

The current value of a dollar coin from 1972 can vary depending on its type and condition. For instance, an uncirculated 1972-S Eisenhower Dollar may fetch anywhere from $14 to $3,500 USD.

Similarly, uncirculated 1972 Eisenhower dollars made with a copper-nickel clad metallic base typically command around $17 each, while proof specimens go for about $19.

Moreover, the 1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Type 2, distinguished by its accidental striking with a die intended for proof coins, may be valued at approximately $2,600 for a top-pop example.

Lastly, the 1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar, varying in type, can range in value from $1.05 to $75 for circulated coins and soar up to $1,150 for specific types.

Final Words

1972 was a pivotal year in the history of the Eisenhower dollars. New coin varieties were created, and rare coins were minted, many of which still uphold an impressive 1972 dollar coin value in the bullion market.

If you are planning to purchase any of these coins, work with verified and experienced coin dealers like BOLD Precious Metals.

Seek help from the right numismatics and professionals who will help you put your money to good use.

All information and images source: PCGS, NGC and Heritage Auctions.

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