Mercury Dimes Worth Money

Mercury Dimes Worth Money
Posted on April 18, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

Most of us tend to overlook spare change, leaving it in jars for years; occasionally, valuable treasures can be found among those spare coins.


One of the most well-liked collectibles is the Mercury Dime, partly due to its widespread availability. If you go through enough spare change, you should be able to locate a Mercury dime. These Mercury dimes, with tiny wings that can be recognized on either side of Mercury's head, were mostly made between 1916 and 1945.

The average Mercury dime value is $4. Though the 1916-D variety is usually the most valuable, resembling the treasure, it could fetch as much as $364,250. Let's examine a few of the most precious Mercury Dimes. But first, let's explore the Mercury Dime's history.

     Mercury Dime (1916-1945)

The US Mint produced these well-liked collectible Mercury dimes, which are 90% silver and 10% copper, for 29 years, from 1916 to 1945.

Mercury Dime (1916-1945)

In a letter to ‘The Numismatist’, Adolph A. Weinman, the designer of these dimes, explained that the woman's head crowned with wings "symbolizing liberty of thought".

The coin's reverse side depicts fasces, and an olive branch signifies "the strength which lies in unity".

The Barber dime was intended to be replaced by the Mercury dime, which went into circulation on October 30, 1916. Between 1916 and 1945, the Mercury dime was minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. This series had problems when inserted into vending machines, which was one of the reasons it ended.

A mint state quality specimen of the 1916 Mercury Dime alone can fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Here are some of the most important date coins from the series for your reference:

  • 1916-D
  • 1921
  • 1921-D
  • 1926-S

Mercury Dimes

One of the most well-liked series in American numismatics is the Mercury Head Dime series. With the exception of the 1916-D and 1942 overdates, obtaining the majority of dates is not too difficult. Nevertheless, a few of the dates are very rare and in excellent condition.

Completely split bands, or bands that completely and visibly separate from each other to hold the fasces together on the reverse, are the most desirable issues. Even though the bands in the middle receive a lot of attention, the bands at the ends of the fasces also need to be separated. Once more, full split band dates in gem condition are extremely rare.

     Grading of the Mercury Dime

Mercury Dime (1916-1945)

Grading Mercury dimes (also called Winged Liberty Head dimes) requires significant expertise, and even the most experienced coin collectors take years to master this skill.

As a Mercury dime circulates and wears down, specific patterns of wear become apparent. The design's major and minor elements gradually fade and eventually blend together. These various stages of wear are assessed and utilized to determine a coin's grade.

If you want to find out the condition and grading of your Mercury Dime, always keep these three considerations in mind.

Only Rare Ones Get High-value.

The coin's surface luster can be used to determine its grade. Shine is added to the surface during the striking process when it is first minted. When a coin is rotated in front of a light source, the shine covers both the top and bottom portions of the coin. The highest points on the design are evaluated first to find any signs of wear.

The higher the luster on the surface of the coin, the higher the grade and condition.

Judging the Wear of the Coin

Take into account the coin's signs of aging, including rim damage, polishing, scratches, and polishing. Coins that are in circulation are graded primarily based on how worn they are.

For a Poor 1 grade, a 5% worn coin might only have the date on it; for an About Uncirculated coin, nearly 95% of the details would be visible.

Comparing Standards

The coin can be compared to common reference pictures or descriptions. You can also consider things like scratches, wear, luster, and color. Note that the rating is subject to variation based on experience and expertise and may be subjective.

For example, two coins may both have noticeable wear, but one may be graded higher because it has a sharper strike and more original luster.

     Notable Key Dates of Mercury Dime

  1. 1916-D

    The 1916-D Mercury Dime, made in Denver, is the most coveted date in the series, with just 264,000 mintage.

    Do you know why so few were made? In November 1916, F. H. von Engelken, the director of the US Mint, told the three Mint superintendents to manufacture a large quantity of quarters first.

    So, at the Denver Mint, only quarters were made until the big order was done. They did not start to make dimes in Denver again until 1917, which makes the 1917-D quite rare, too.

  2. 1921 and 1921-D

    Among the rarest of the dime series is the 1921 Mercury dime. In 1921, a mere 1,230,000 of these dimes were produced.

    The value of a 1921 Mercury Dime in circulation ranges from $60 to $1,350, whereas an uncirculated D dime can fetch up to $8,000. A 1921 Mercury Dime's worth is based on its condition.

  3. 1941/42 Overdate (Both Philadelphia and Denver)

    The Mercury Dimes series, which ran from 1916 to 1945, is overdated and replaced by the 1942/41 Mercury Dime. The Denver and Philadelphia issues both have the 1942/41 overdate on them.

    Coins from the 1942/41-D Mercury Dime are among the rarest in the series. Being more well-known than the Philadelphia version could result in increased demand. Twin errors are unique because they don't occur frequently.

Did you know Mercury dimes flew to space on July 21, 1961?

They joined a mission called Mercury—Redstone 4. It was the second trip for Project Mercury of the US. The coins stayed in the Atlantic Ocean after the mission. They lay deep down, almost 16,000 ft (4,900 m). Then, in 1999, they were recovered back up with the capsule. Imagine the journey these dimes made! It's quite something!

     I have a Mercury Dime. How Do I Find the Worth of Mercury Dime?

I have a Mercury Dime. How Do I Find the Worth of Mercury Dime?

Only Rare Ones Get High-value.

There's a reason rare coins are rare. Because of their historical, cultural, or supply-and-demand significance, rare coins may be worth more. A number of factors, including mintage, collector demand, important dates, specific conditions, and good grades, influence a mercury dime's value.

  1. Step 1: Have a Look at your Mercury Dime

    Take a thorough look at your coin, inspect it, and decide if it belongs in the rare category.

  2. Step 2: Send Clear Images to Expert or Grading Company

    After careful examination of your coin, if you believe it is rare, then send clear images of the coin to the grading expert or coin grading organization.

  3. Step 3: Grading Decision

    If a coin grading organization advises getting the coin graded, it is wise to get it graded from PCGS or NGC.

  4. Step 4: If You Want to Sell, Decide Price and List on Auction Sites

    Consider all facts and, if required, consult with a coin expert to decide on price and list on auction sites like eBay, Heritage Auction, or Stack's Bowers to get good value.

Name - Mercury Dimes 1916 - 1945GradeMintDateAuction RecordAuction House
1916 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Philadelphia11-15-2013$1,998Heritage Auctions
1916-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Denver08-05-2007$29,900Stack's
1916-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+San Francisco03-21-2013$4,406Heritage Auctions
1917 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS64Philadelphia11-05-2007$4,140David Lawrence RC
1917-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver11-20-2019$7,800Stack's Bowers
1917-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67San Francisco07-07-2006$3,795Heritage Auctions
1918 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66Philadelphia05-25-2023$1,293Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1918-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Denver03-06-2008$2,990Heritage Auctions
1918-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66San Francisco01-14-2019$7,200Heritage Auctions
1919 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Philadelphia09-10-2006$14,950Superior Galleries
1919-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66Denver02-27-2014$5,288Heritage Auctions
1919-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS64San Francisco10-01-1997$12,100David Akers
1920 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Philadelphia09-30-2021$2,613eBay
1920-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver08-20-2023$4,080Heritage Auctions
1920-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65San Francisco07-30-2003$4,830Bowers & Merena
1921 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)BUPhiladelphia06-01-2000$3,960Sotheby's
1921-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Denver02-25-2021$23,500Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1923 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia05-25-2023$1,087Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1923-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67*San Francisco11-08-2011$4,313Heritage Auctions
1924 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Philadelphia10-01-1997$3,850David Akers
1924-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver06-01-2002$1,725Heritage Auctions
1924-s Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67San Francisco09-01-2003$6,900Heritage Auctions
1925 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia08-04-2015$995eBay
1925-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)CH BUDenver10-01-1998$2,200Stack's
1925-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS64San Francisco06-15-2010$3,450Stack's
1926 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia05-25-2023$1,469Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1926-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver12-17-2023$3,120Heritage Auctions
1926-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67San Francisco05-24-2015$9,950David Lawrence RC
1927 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia08-11-2010$863Heritage Auctions
1927-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66+Denver01-07-2015$2,820Heritage Auctions
1927-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67San Francisco12-17-2023$7,500Heritage Auctions
1928 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia04-05-2001$5,520Heritage Auctions
1928-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS64Denver10-01-1997$6,600David Akers
1928-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+San Francisco05-25-2023$3,290Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1929 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Philadelphia05-16-2019$2,468Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1929-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver11-15-2011$8,913Stack's Bowers
1929-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco05-04-2005$1,438Heritage Auctions
1930 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Philadelphia09-20-2020$1,740Heritage Auctions
1930-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66San Francisco02-08-1999$2,070Superior Galleries
1931 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia08-08-2013$1,293Heritage Auctions
1931-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver11-20-2019$1,800Stack's Bowers
1931-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67San Francisco01-06-2016$1,763Heritage Auctions
1934 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Philadelphia02-06-2019$1,680Stack's Bowers
1934-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Denver03-22-2012$920Stack's Bowers
1935 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Philadelphia03-19-2021$1,140eBay
1935-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver04-26-2006$2,300Heritage Auctions
1935-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco06-04-2014$3,819Heritage Auctions
1936 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)PCGS GenuinePhiladelphia12-25-2021$7,111eBay
1936-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Denver04-25-2022$840Heritage Auctions
1936-s Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco10-31-2022$1,920Heritage Auctions
1937 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS64Philadelphia10-18-2020$1,800Heritage Auctions
1937-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver02-01-2007$1,725Heritage Auctions
1937-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+San Francisco11-20-2019$2,280Stack's Bowers
1938 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia01-02-2006$1,150David Lawrence RC
1938-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver09-01-2003$1,783Heritage Auctions
1938-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco06-03-2004$776Heritage Auctions
1939 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS69Philadelphia04-25-2021$6,600Heritage Auctions
1939-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver09-04-2014$617Heritage Auctions
1939-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco09-08-2019$2,160Heritage Auctions
1940 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Philadelphia10-19-2022$800eBay
1940-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver05-30-2006$1,093Goldberg Auctioneers
1940-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68+San Francisco04-27-2023$8,519Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1941 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Philadelphia04-05-2001$2,128Heritage Auctions
1941-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver08-10-2016$423Heritage Auctions
1941-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco09-09-2004$1,266Heritage Auctions
1942 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68+Philadelphia01-14-2019$4,800Heritage Auctions
1942/1 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Philadelphia01-15-2023$90,000Heritage Auctions
1942-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver05-26-2006$1,093Bowers & Merena
1942/1-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65Denver07-27-2002$6,900Heritage Auctions
1942-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS65San Francisco02-23-2023$1,234Legend Rare Coin Auctions
1943 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS66Philadelphia12-05-2022$900Heritage Auctions
1943-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver07-08-2022$925eBay
1943-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)UNC DetailsSan Francisco05-12-2021$2,950eBay
1944 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67+Philadelphia12-13-2016$1,410Heritage Auctions
1944-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver08-12-2022$720eBay
1944-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco01-01-2006$1,265Heritage Auctions
1945 Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS67Philadelphia09-09-2018$5,520Heritage Auctions
1945-D Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68Denver06-22-2022$1,600eBay
1945-S Mercury Dime 10C (Regular Strike)MS68+San Francisco12-18-2018$15,000eBay
1945-S Mercury Dime 10C Micro S (Regular Strike)MS68San Francisco06-27-2019$2,291Legend Rare Coin Auctions
Name - Mercury Dimes ProofGradeMintDateAuction Record Auction House
1936 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR68Philadelphia12-03-2015$29,375Heritage Auctions
1937 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR68+Philadelphia03-31-2021$26,400Stack's Bowers
1938 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR68Philadelphia02-01-2005$32,200Heritage Auctions
1939 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR68+Philadelphia08-22-2021$21,600Heritage Auctions
1940 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR69Philadelphia01-12-2005$15,295Heritage Auctions
1941 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR69Philadelphia02-23-2020$13,200Heritage Auctions
1942 Mercury Dime 10C (Proof)PR69Philadelphia06-07-2015$37,600Heritage Auctions

Closing Words

To sum up, Mercury dimes are more than just regular coins; they have an interesting past and are valuable to numismatists and collectors. These dimes are more than just money; they're works of art and history, thanks to Adolph A. Weinman's symbolic design and nearly three decades of production.

The excitement of coin collecting and the possibility of unearthing hidden treasures in common change are highlighted by the rarity of some important dates, such as the 1916-D and the 1942 overdates.

A basic coin can become a priceless piece of numismatic history if you know its history, grading, and value—whether you're an experienced collector or just happened to find a Mercury dime in your pocket.

BOLD offers the Mercury Dime at the lowest prices. You can also purchase these coins in multiples of 100 and 500, and they will arrive in a canvas bag. The bag of 500 coins will include a mix of Mercury Dimes and Roosevelt Dimes. Enhance your collection by adding historical value with these coins.

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