Presidential Gold Dollar Coin Value

Presidential Gold Dollar Coin Value
Posted on March 27, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

Did you know that the US Mint created a series of gold dollar coins to honor the US presidents? These coins are worth more than their face value! Some US Presidential Dollar Coins are worth as much as $141,000. That's certainly a lot of money!

The United States has a rich history and cultural significance, and these coins hold a special place in the realm of numismatics because they represent that heritage. So, if you ever come across one of these coins, hold onto it tight - it could be worth more than its face value!

Throughout this blog, we shall delve into the history of the presidential gold dollar coins. We'll talk about the most valuable coins ever brought to the market and explore what made the collectible factors affecting the presidential gold dollar coin value.

    History of Presidential Gold Dollar Coins

History of Presidential Gold Dollar Coins

(Image source US Mint)

To commemorate the presidents of the USA, annual Presidential dollar coins were released beginning in 2007, featuring each president on a golden dollar coin. This program was authorized in accordance with the Presidential $1 Coin Act to mint the same pieces of coin every year from 2007 to 2016. Each coin features a different president’s face on the front while the Statue of Liberty is displayed on its back.

It was initiated by George W. Bush’s administration when he supported the “1 Coin Act of 2005” to become a law. Like their predecessors, these coins are being released in the order of the president's rules according to the term of Washington and ending at Reagan.

An expansion in 2016 resulted in the program now involving the living former presidents, ensuring the continual tradition of US leaders’ honor on the currency.


The Statue of Liberty is the consistent reverse design, while the coin obverses in this series feature new portraits of the presidents, ranging from George Washington to Gerald Ford, usually in a more modern three-quarter view rather than the traditional profile composition. Woodrow Wilson (2013), Franklin Pierce (2010), and James Madison (2008) are a few examples.


The common reverse motif features the United States of America text, the Statue of Liberty, and the denomination "$1". The 2007 introduction of Presidential dollars marked the first time in over 200 years that regular-issue US coins had edge lettering. The date of issue, mint mark, and the phrases "e pluribus unum" and "in god we trust" were inscribed on the edge of every coin. But starting in 2009, in god we trust was shifted to the obverse due to public concerns regarding its placement.

Let's find out the presidential gold dollar coin value and see if it's worth more than its face value.

Presidential Gold dollar coin Value

1. Face Value vs Collector Value

A Presidential dollar coin may initially seem like another dollar coin with no special value. However, a numismatist with an astute eye might see a wealth of historical significance and value beyond its face value. The distinguishing feature of these golden-hued tokens is the contrast between the denomination and the collectible values.

2. Grade and Condition

The US presidential dollar coins value is influenced by its grade. Higher-grade coins are usually worth more, so collectors are motivated to look for coins in pristine condition. Presidential gold dollar coins, for instance, are very valuable when they are in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition because they are free of damage and markings.

3. Limited or Rare Editions

The potential numismatic Presidential dollar coins value is what draws people in. This value arises from the intricate interaction of several elements, each adding significance levels. For example, rarity is a crucial factor. Because they are intrinsically rarer, coins with smaller mintages typically fetch higher prices in the collector's market. Because of their scarcity, these coins with a limited mintage become highly sought-after treasures.

4. Historical Significance

The United States Mint launched the Presidential dollar coin program in 2007 to honor the former presidents of the United States. Every coin has a picture of a president on the front, and they all tell tales of bravery, inventiveness, and significant historical events in American history.

5. Demand

The one factor that has the biggest impact on a numismatic coin's value is collector demand. There is no exception to this rule with presidential gold dollar coins. Depending on a few outside variables, investor interest in collectible coins honoring US presidents may rise or fall. During high gold prices, some collectors may switch to non-bullion coins to add numismatic value to their portfolios.

6. Error Coins

US presidential gold dollar coin value increases with errors and can have a distinct charm that makes them valuable items for collectors. These mistakes may consist of:

Errors that overlap:lettering with two edges extending in the same direction Errors inverted: Letters with double edges that are upside down and oriented in different directions

Absence of incuse:The coin is struck without the side incuse. Date, mint mark, and mottoes missing: The edges are devoid of the date, mint mark, and mottoes.

There were some major mistakes in some cases. For instance, an uncirculated 2007 Washington coin with missing edge lettering is valued at about $2,500.

    Most Valuable Presidential Dollar Coins

Here is the list of the top 10 rare collectible Presidential dollar coins

CoinMintageMintGradeSold DateSold PriceCurrent Price
2007-D George Washington Dollar163,680,000DenverMS - 672012$228$475
2007-D George Washington Dollar, Missing Edge Lettering50,000 to 100,000Denver and PhiladelphiaMS - 672010$1007$260
(2007) Thomas Jefferson - Missing Edge LetteringPCGS has graded around 1300 coins-MS - 662009$1725$100
(2007) James Madison - Missing Edge Letteringover 200 millionDenver and PhiladelphiaMS - 662013$441$600
(2008) John Quincy Adams Dollar- Missing Edge Lettering745,464Denver and PhiladelphiaMS - 662012$1104$200
2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position Aover 122 millionDenverMS - 672013$128$370
(2008) Andrew Jackson -Satin Finish, Missing Edge Letteringover 122 millionDenverMS - 672013$153$370
(2009) WH Harrison -Missing Edge Lettering98.4 millionPhiladelphiaMS - 692019$456$1250
2009-P John Tyler - Position Aover 87 millionPhiladelphiaMS - 672010$1150$225
(2010) Millard Fillmore - Missing Edge Lettering74.5 millionPhiladelphiaMS - 652016$646-

1. 2007-D George Washington Dollar

2007-D George Washington Dollar

George W. Bush signed the Presidential $1 Coin Act in 2005. A new era of circulated and collectible $1 coins began in 2007 when the US Mint produced its first dollar coins. Later, the agency incorporated the FDI designation into the coin's holder description.

Additionally, the value is typically slightly higher due to that designation. The PCGS, an independent coin grader, has assigned the finest known examples a grade of MS67. Furthermore, those coins are far more valuable because only two have received that level of certification.

One with the MS-67 grade was sold on eBay for $228 in 2012. Furthermore, the PCGS values it at $475 today.

2. (2007) George Washington Dollar- Missing Edge Lettering

Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)

They are worth much money if the edge lettering is absent from the 2007 George Washington presidential dollars. The US Mint made a mistake during the manufacturing process. Before the error was discovered, estimates suggest that between 50,000 and 100,000 of these coins were in circulation.

If it is verified to be in perfect condition, a George Washington dollar without edge lettering can fetch up to $2,000 in today's market.

Some coins are considered the best, and they are pretty valuable. Specifically, three (2007) George Washington dollar-missing edge lettering coins have been given a grade of MS68; these are the finest examples known to exist. The PCGS values each of these coins at an impressive $4,250.

3. (2007) Thomas Jefferson - Missing Edge Lettering

Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)

There are several examples of presidential dollars with the edge lettering missing. Additionally, the best coins can fetch a high price.

Some of the coins honoring President Thomas Jefferson struck in 2007 lack edge lettering. Therefore, there isn't a mint mark to indicate the location of the strikes.

There are more than 100 MS67 coins, and each one is worth approximately $375.

The 2007 Jefferson dollar with missing edge lettering has the highest grade of MS68, and only one exists. This particular coin has a value of $6,500, according to the PCGS.

4. (2007) James Madison - Missing Edge Lettering

(2007) James Madison - Missing Edge Lettering

This particular coin, the fourth in the series, honors James Madison. These coins were struck in Denver and Philadelphia in excess of 200 million pieces. Only a much smaller portion, though, lacks their edge lettering. In the unlikely event that you find one in mint condition with a grade of 60 or above, its worth greatly surpasses its face value.

However, a single coin with an MS-67 grade is the most remarkable example. The PCGS values it at an astounding $4,000 despite a public sale having yet to verify its worth.

5. (2008) John Quincy Adams Dollar- Missing Edge Lettering

(2007) James Madison - Missing Edge Lettering

The 2008 dollar coin honoring John Quincy Adams was struck without edge lettering, just like the dollars of the previous year.

Coin collectors had become accustomed to seeing dollar coins with plain edges at that time. However, it was soon discovered that the Washington dollars with plain edges were more frequently found than the John Quincy Adams versions.

The PCGS values the best specimens found so far at $425 each, with a grade of MS68.

6. 2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

As the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson's dollar coin was the seventh in the series. It was produced in 2008, totaling slightly more than 122 million coins. Of these, about half were produced in Denver and have the "D" mintmark around the edge.

Due to the coin edge lettering, most presidential dollars have two variations. In the "Position A" variant, the president's portrait is facing up, and the coin's edge lettering is inverted. The opposite orientation is seen in "Position B" coins.

7. (2008) Andrew Jackson -Satin Finish, Missing Edge Lettering

2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

Though not unique, this combination has led to the PCGS grading hundreds of Jackson dollars with a satin finish and missing edge lettering. Only at the SP67 level have more than 100 received certification (the PCGS uses the SP prefix for unique strike coins).

However, two coins are rated as SP69 and are almost perfect. Because of this extraordinary quality, the PCGS values each one at $1,000.

8. (2009) WH Harrison -Missing Edge Lettering

2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

2009 saw the release of a dollar coin honoring William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States. Like the earlier presidential dollars, there was a mintage of 98.4 million coins without edge lettering. However, the value rises to $200 at the MS67+ grade and gets close to $1,000 at the MS68 grade.

An outstanding coin has been graded as MS69. In recent times, it has been sold twice: first, at Heritage Auctions in 2019 for a reasonable price of $456, and three years later, it was listed on eBay and eventually sold for $1,250 after receiving the best offer.

9. 2009-P John Tyler - Position A

2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

The third year of presidential dollar minting, 2009, saw a decrease in mintage numbers as some collectors lost interest. During that year, a little over 87 million dollars were struck in honor of John Tyler, the tenth president of the United States.

Because more excellent coins have been found over time, the value of the best specimen currently in existence, graded MS68, has declined. Currently, the PCGS values the same coin at about $225. The finest specimen currently in existence is valued at $900 and is rated as MS68.

10. (2010) Millard Fillmore - Missing Edge Lettering

2008-D Andrew Jackson - Position A

In 2010, dollar coins honoring the 13th president, Millard Fillmore, were produced. The number of coins minted decreased further to a total of about 74.5 million.

Despite the introduction of the first presidential dollars, the issue of missing edge lettering persisted for three years. As usual, collectors were prepared to shell out more money for superior coins that displayed this mistake.

Recently, the MS-68 graded coin by NGC was sold for $71.

This serves as a warning that sometimes, betting on the scarcity of contemporary coins doesn't pay off.

The best-known coin of them all is a single, MS69-graded specimen. Despite never having been sold, the PCGS values it at $5,500.

    Where to Find Presidential Gold Dollar Coin Auctions

Where to Find Presidential Gold Dollar Coin Auctions

If you're interested in purchasing presidential dollars, you can find them at authorized auctioneers, galleries, coin companies, and eBay. Ensuring that your coins are authenticated and sold at fair prices is essential. When purchasing from eBay, look for authorized dealers to protect yourself against scams.

A. American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association is a non-profit organization committed to educating and inspiring individuals to study and collect money and related items. ANA hosts monthly auctions of various coins and numasmatics for all types of collectors. They also arrange programs such as the World's Fair of Money and the National Money Show, which provide educational opportunities and hold workshops.

B. Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions, The biggest auction house in the United States ranks as the third largest worldwide auction house of collectibles. Furthermore, beyond real estate, they feature numismatic collections, comic books, fine art, books, luxury accessories, sports, music, and movie memorabilia.

C. Stack's Bowers Galleries

Established in 1933, Stack's Bowers Galleries is a rare coin auction house in New York City. It is the oldest coin auction house in the US. Stack's Bowers Galleries has sold many valuable collections and the rarest coins assembled.

D. GreatCollections Coin Company

GreatCollections is an online auction house that specializes in paper money, collectibles, and rare coins. Ian Russell and Raeleen Endo founded it in Irvine, California, in 2010. Having successfully auctioned over a million certified coins,GreatCollections enjoys a solid reputation as a reliable resource for investors and collectors.

E. eBay

Coin collectors can find a variety of coins on ebay, including rare and historical coins. Examine the reliability of seller ratings, confirm authenticity, and take grading and price into consideration. Be informed about legal limitations, shipping costs, and return policies. Ask for guidance and information by interacting with the coin-collecting community.

    Dollar Coins Featuring the Portraits of US Presidents were Released as Follows:

President NumberPresident DesignPresident NameRelease DateTotal Mintage
1stGeorge WashingtonGeorge WashingtonFebruary 15, 2007340,360,000
2ndJohn Adams John AdamsMay 17, 2007224,560,000
3rdThomas JeffersonThomas JeffersonAugust 16, 2007203,610,000
4thJames MadisonJames MadisonNovember 15, 2007172,340,000
5thJames MonroeJames MonroeFebruary 14, 2008124,490,000
6thJohn Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy AdamsMay 15, 2008115,260,000
7thAndrew JacksonAndrew JacksonAugust 14, 2008122,250,000
8thMartin Van BurenMartin Van BurenNovember 13, 2008102,480,000
9thWilliam Henry HarrisonWilliam Henry HarrisonFebruary 19, 200998,420,000
10thJohn TylerJohn TylerMay 21, 200987,080,000

If you want to further explore dollar coins featuring the portraits of US presidents and their mintage, then click on this link .


Buying Presidential Gold Dollar Coins might be an action with many benefits. However, the coins can be viewed symbolically and historically, as they represent important moments in American history and the rich legacy of previous presidents.

Collectors prize the presidential gold dollar coin value for their rare editions, errors, or distinguishing features, which could eventually increase their value. Furthermore, the numismatic value of these coins can provide a significant return on investment depending on factors like demand, rarity, and grade.

Consequently, buying from reliable auction houses or online marketplaces such as eBay ensures authenticity and affordable prices, which makes it a desirable choice for investors and collectors.

Getting a vintage assortment of valuable presidential gold dollar coins is challenging due to their rarity and high importance. But if you want to honor the legacies of former presidents at affordable prices, BOLD has you covered. While they may not be made of gold, our collection incorporates silver rounds featuring Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump. These pieces are produced by private mints such as the Golden State Mint, and we are proud to offer them at the most competitive prices.

You can also explore BOLD's large gold , silver, and platinum bullion inventory and expand your collection and investment portfolio.

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