Top 9 Highest Sold Silver Eagles (1986 to Date)

Top 9 Highest Sold Silver Eagles (1986 to Date)
Posted on July 04, 2024 by BOLD Precious Metals

A stunning 1986 American Silver Eagle sold for an impressive $21,000 at an auction in 2013.

Since its introduction in 1986, the American Silver Eagle has undoubtedly electrified the coin-collecting world. Considering the details, which include a single troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver and the marching Liberty classic design by Adolph Weinman, this piece is the most in-demand silver bullion coin globally.

To put it into perspective, with more than 500 million sold in the past 35+ years, individual Silver Eagles are worth thousands of dollars. Year-to-year variations of Silver Eagles can be surprising and sometimes significantly affect their value.

Silver investors are also drawn to these coins due to their silver content and collectibility, making some of them extremely valuable. Want to learn more? You should check out this article to discover the top 9 Highest Priced Silver Eagles sold at Auction from 1986 to Date.

    1) 1986 $1 Silver Eagle MS70 PCGS - $21,150.00

1986 $1 Silver Eagle MS70 PCGS - $21,150.00

Since its introduction in 1986, the American Silver Eagle series has grown incredibly popular among a sizable portion of American collectors. Despite the moderate mintage of 5.4 million pieces for the first year of 1986, PCGS has certified exactly three pieces among the "business strikes" at this highest grade level (1/13).

The PCGS Price Guide indicates that the 1986 American Silver Eagle in PCGS MS70 typically sells for about $1,050. The five-figure hammer bid on an exceptionally nice PCGS MS70 example that sold at Heritage Auctions in 2013 for an astounding $21,150 is a far cry from even that four-figure price.

    2) 1988 $1 Silver Eagle PCGS MS-70 OGH - $27,500.0

1988 $1 Silver Eagle PCGS MS-70 OGH - $27,500.0

Like every other year, the United States Mint produced proof and uncirculated coins. There are just over 5 million pieces of 1988 Uncirculated Silver available. Consequently, one of the more accessible dates is the 1988 Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

Uncirculated Silver Eagles from 1988 typically range in condition from MS66 to MS68. They are reduced grade MS69 due to blemishes, scuffs, incorrect handling, and storage. Perfect MS70 condition makes them extremely valuable and rare. At Great Collections, this MS-70 grade coin was sold in 2013 for $27,500.0.

    3) 1989 Silver Eagle $1 John M. Mercanti Signature on Label - $14,100.00

1989 Silver Eagle $1 John M. Mercanti Signature on Label - $14,100.00

1989 saw a rise in the demand for Silver Eagles, leading to a larger distribution of 5,203,327 pieces during the business strike. With fully-struck design elements and flawlessly preserved surfaces that exude a vibrant, satiny mint luster from both sides.

PCGS has graded very few pieces in the ultimate grade of MS70, while NGC has certified several. Chief Engraver John M. Mercanti signed special PCGS holders for a few selected coins, one of which is the specimen offered here. One of these MS70-grade coins sold for $14,100.00 at Heritage Auctions in 2016.

    4) 1990 Silver Eagle $1 - $12,925.00

The marginal increase in Silver Eagle purchases from the Mint over the preceding two years was probably caused by a slight decrease in the price of silver in 1990. Sales of proofs also went up. Over 5.8 million 1990 Silver Eagle coins were produced for regular bullion distribution; thousands are known to exist in nearly flawless MS69 condition. However, only one example has received the highly sought-after MS70 grade at PCGS (11/15). At Heritage Auctions, it was sold for $12,925.00 when it was sold in 2016.

    5) Silver Eagles, 1992 Silver Eagle MS $1- $16,450.00

Silver Eagles, 1992 Silver Eagle MS $1- $16,450.00

Investor demand for Silver Eagles declined in 1992 when the average price of silver fell to slightly less than four dollars per ounce. 1992 saw a record-breaking production of 5.5 million coins, which was far less than the nearly 7.2 million coins minted the year before.

The popularity of Registry Sets has led to a significant increase in collector interest in high-grade examples of this issue in recent years. There are hundreds of certified examples in the top grade at NGC, but only three coins in the grade MS70 (10/16) are available to Registry enthusiasts at PCGS. In 2017, Heritage Auctions held a coin auction with a recorded auction price of $16,450.00 for this coin.

    6) 1995-W $1 Silver Eagle, DCAM (Proof) - $86,655.00

The series' pivotal date, 1995-W Silver Eagle, made headlines for a while because PR70DCAM examples of this date sold for enormous sums of money at auction. Early in 2013, a PCGS PR70DCAM went up for $86,655 at a Great Collections auction, making headlines.

A second PCGS PR70DCAM sold for $55,550 later that year. The price started a steady decline as the population grew. The price eventually leveled off in 2017 and was between $15,000 and $16,000, which is still a great deal for a Silver Eagle.

    7) Silver Eagles, 2000 Silver Eagle MS $1

Silver Eagles, 2000 Silver Eagle MS $1

One ounce of pure silver makes up each 2000 American Silver Eagle coin. Each regular issue 2000 $1 silver coin typically trades for about $2 above or below the current price of an ounce of silver, depending on whether you are buying or selling, because of that silver content. However, Great Collections sold the uncirculated coin in MS70 grade for $33,275.00 in 2013.

    8) 2019-S $1 Silver Eagle, Enhanced Reverse Proof, PR70 NGC - $5,760.00

2019-S $1 Silver Eagle, Enhanced Reverse Proof, PR70 NGC - $5,760.00

When the 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof was first made available on November 14, 2019, it caused a stir of excitement that has spread among enthusiasts of Silver Eagle and modern rarity collecting to become an unquenchable fire. Since the 2019-S ERP likewise has an exceptionally low mintage for a modern coin (just 30,000 pieces), many numismatists compare the issue to the important, low-mintage 1995-W proof.

At the Mint, the issue sold out almost immediately. Within days of selling out at the Mint, it was selling for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market despite its original sale price of $65.95. The coin's value has increased, particularly for the 100 pieces released from the Mint with COA signed by David J. Ryder. At Heritage Auctions in 2020, this flawless uncirculated coin brought $5,760.00.

    9) 1986-S - 2010-W $1 Silver Eagle Complete Date Run NGC Proof-70 UC (1995-W is NGC Proof-69 UC) (30 Coins)

1986-S - 2010-W $1 Silver Eagle Complete Date Run NGC Proof-70 UC (1995-W is NGC Proof-69 UC) (30 Coins)

Thirty coins total, all graded NGC Proof-70 UC (the 1995-W is graded NGC Proof-69 UC), make up the 1986-S - 2010-W $1 Silver Eagle Complete Date Run. When this outstanding collection sold for $16,115.00 at the Great Collections Coin Auctions in May 2013, it set a record for auction sales. Included in the 10th Anniversary Set, the 1995-W Silver Eagle has also attracted attention; in a Heritage Auctions event in 2017, it sold for $16,450. Collectors value these coins greatly because of their historical significance and immaculate condition.

Final Words

First introduced in 1986, the American Silver Eagle has rapidly done its part to make its presence known within the coin community. These coins easily and undisputedly carved a niche in most collectors' hearts and reached magnificent auction prices.

From the inaugural 1986 coin, which fetched over $21,000, to more modern examples sold in the tens of thousands, the Silver Eagle series leaves its mark with a significant collection and a portfolio of investment potential.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out in this great hobby, these coins prove their value and beauty beyond question. If you're looking to bring these beautiful Silver Eagles into your collection, consider BOLD Precious Metals , one of the best online bullion dealers offering individual coins, tubes, and monster boxes with 500 coins at some of the lowest prices on the market today.

Source: PCGS, NGC, Heritage Auctions & Great Collections.

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