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Germania Mint History

Germania, (also called Magna Germania, Germania Libera, and Germanic Barbaricum) was a large historical region in north-central Europe during the Roman era. The name "Germany" is derived from the Latin term "Germania" This word was present mainly in German literature and poetry. Its first personifications appeared on coins and reliefs, depicting a brave woman as the nation's guardian.

Germania’s image was painted by Philipp Veit in 1848 as a symbol of the German nation during the revolutions of 1848–49 and in later years. The broken shackles at the bottom of the image signifies freedom, and the breastplate engraved with a double-headed eagle is a symbol of the Germain Empire and strength. 

She is pictured holding a sword in her right hand, symbolizing that she is ready to fight anyone who challenges her. The olive branches around the sword symbolize that she strives for peace but if anyone challenges her, she will defend herself. In her left hand, she is holding what would become the official flag of Germany. As a mark of heroism, she is adorned with a crown of oak leaves. The sun’s rays in the background mark the beginning of a new era and freedom. 

Lady Germania Silver Brilliant Uncirculated Rounds

Issued annually since 2019, the Germania series has quickly become a popular piece for collectors. Made of silver and gold of the highest grade, both BU and Proof versions are available.

Effigy of Germania

Germania is depicted as the guardian of the nation. She is shown with flowing hair and a wind-blown dress. The laurel wreath symbolizes victory.

Bicephalous Eagle

The two-headed eagle is a symbol appearing in Roman mythology. The eagle's head facing opposite directions symbolizes both the past and the future. Eagle claws hold lightning bolts, representing the power and strength of creation and destruction.

Germania Mint Premium Cast Bars

With attractive designs, expert craftsmanship, and innovative packaging, Germania Mint produces modern collectibles and investment products that have become very popular with numismatists and investors alike. 

Germania mint's full range of investment products is available at BOLD, all of which are made exclusively from 999.9 fine silver. Each cast silver bar is engraved with an individual number and protected with a hologram, which ensures its authenticity.

Germania Mint registers each product in its database, which allows it to be verified as genuine by combining two unique numbers engraved on the bar and placed on the hologram. 

Specially designed cardboard boxes are also used to package each product. Exclusive packaging and sophisticated finishes highlight the uniqueness of the bars, making them not only an investment but also a collector's item.

Germania Silver Cast Bars Highlights

  • 999.9 fine silver LBMA certified.

  • Stunning Germania Hallmark at the top.

  • Packaging in an Anti-tarnish, Vacuum-sealed pouch.

  • Exclusive Bicephalous Eagle crowned shield design.

  • Engraved in the bar's individual serial number.

  • Secured with a Germania Mint Hologram.

Germania Mint’s Silver Cast Bars Available at BOLD:

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 5 oz Silver

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 10 oz Silver 

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 100 gram Silver

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 250 gram Silver

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 500 gram Silver

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 1 Kilo Silver

  • Germania Mint Cast Bar 100 oz Silver 

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