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5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)
5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)
5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)

5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10)

Experience the harmony of history and artistry with the 5 oz Copper Cast Bar by Germania Mint, a tangible embodiment of ancient symbolism and modern craftsmanship.
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5 oz Germania Mint Copper Bar (Box of 10) Bar

BOLD Precious Metals introduces the Germania Mint Copper Cast Bar, a union of antiquity and contemporary design, masterfully crafted as an investment and a memento.

Key Features

  • Purity: Cast from .9999 fine copper, this bar embodies 5 troy ounces of pure excellence.
  • Obverse: The obverse features the mint logo and name on the bar. This side features purity, weight, and a unique serial number.
  • Reverse: The blank reverse of the Germania cast bar is intentional. Holograms at the bottom of the reverse field safeguard your purchase.
  • Design and Hue: The captivating orange-red tint, coupled with the inherent malleability of copper, lends a visually striking aesthetic.
  • Packaging: For enhanced preservation, bars are vacuum-sealed and encased in custom Germania Mint boxes.
  • Mint Details: Originating from the esteemed Germania Mint, Poland, and exuding a prooflike finish.

Diving into the annals of history, copper has been an emblem of worth and artistry since the dawn of civilization. Germania Mint’s Copper Cast Bar not only stands as a sound investment but is also a conduit to the past, reminding us of the intricate relationship between man, metal, and history.

It has a historical resonance as a tribute to the inhabitants of ancient Germania, reflecting the inherent importance of copper throughout the years. The bar's obverse celebrates its natural allure, while the reverse is adorned with a unique hologram, reinforcing its authenticity. This bar is not merely a metal artifact but an art piece that showcases the unparalleled skill of Germania Mint.

Complement your collection further with BOLD Precious Metals. Explore diverse offerings, from silver bars and 1 oz silver coins to exclusive selections from the British Royal Mint.

At BOLD Precious Metals, we remain unwavering in our promise to deliver quality and assurance. Secure your Copper 5 oz Germania Mint Cast Bar today!

Product ID:5132199991-GERM-Box-of-10
Year Released:Varies
Mint:Germania Mint
Metal Composition:Copper
Face Weight: 50 troy oz
Ounces: 10 * 5 troy oz
Diameter: mm
Thickness: mm
Tube Size:-
Box Size:10
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