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2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)
2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)
2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)

2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU (Lot of 5)

Dive into history with the 2024 1 oz Gold Eagle coin. A symbol of unmatched artistry, patriotic fervor, and gold purity. Elevate your collection with America's iconic legacy. Explore with BOLD Precious Metals.
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2024 1 oz American Eagle Gold Coin BU - Lot of 5

BOLD Precious Metals proudly unveils the 2024 1 oz Gold Eagle coin—a brilliant fusion of historical elegance, national symbolism, and unmatched bullion integrity. Its stunning portrayal of Lady Liberty and revised design of the magnificent American bald eagle capture the spirit of America. Enhance your valued Gold American Eagles collection with this newest addition.

Key Features

  • Purity: Contains 1 troy ounce of .9167 fine gold. Endorsed by the US Mint for weight and purity.
  • Obverse: Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ timeless depiction of Lady Liberty confidently stepping forward with a torch and olive branch.
  • Reverse: An intricate representation of the American bald eagle, designed by Jennie Norris, epitomizing the nation's freedom and strength.
  • Face Value- $50 USD.
  • Guarantee: A sovereign coin, with its authenticity ensured by the US Mint.
  • Issue: Celebrating the 39th year of the 1 oz American Gold Eagle!
  • IRA Eligibility: Qualified for Precious Metals IRAs
  • Protective Packaging: Multiples of 20 arrive in US Mint tubes; individual coins sealed in protective packaging.

For enthusiasts and connoisseurs of American coinage, the Gold Eagle is a beacon of design excellence combined with tangible bullion appeal. Expand the narrative of your collection with the 2024 1 oz Gold Eagle today.

The American Gold Eagle, through years of tradition, has solidified its place as a cornerstone in the repertoire of the United States Mint's bullion programs. Beyond its intrinsic value, the coin symbolizes the deep-seated roots of American history—a sentiment palpably captured in its detailed artistry.

From the iconic portrayal of Lady Liberty on the obverse to its .9167 gold purity, every coin exemplifies the Mint's dedication to craftsmanship and distinction. The Gold American Eagle is a testament to America's resilience and grandeur.

With the 2024 edition, collectors gain more than just gold—they acquire a segment of American history and heritage. Whether driven by investment, artistic appreciation, or a profound connection to a storied legacy, the Gold American Eagle remains unparalleled.

Dive deeper into numismatics, explore the wider offerings from the United States Mint collection, and let BOLD Precious Metals guide your journey.

Discover a range of solid investment opportunities with our diverse gold bullion collection and gold coins.

Product ID:3110020241-Lot-of-5
Year Released:2024
Mint:United States Mint
Series: American Eagle
Country:United States of America
Metal Composition:Gold
Face Weight: 5 troy oz
Ounces: 5 * 1 troy oz
Denomination:50 Dollars
Diameter:32.7 mm
Thickness:2.87 mm
Tube Size:20
Box Size:500
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