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Germania Mint Silver Coins and Bars For Sale

Germania Mint creates innovative collectible and investment bullion products with distinctive designs,  excellent craftsmanship, and creative packaging. The Germania Mint is one of the world's fastest-growing mints, constantly exploring new collector markets. The company's name includes the ancient nation where Germania Mint is based.

Buy Germania Mint Silver Coins and Bars

In 2019, the Germania Mint introduced a series of .9999 pure silver rounds that became very popular among collectors and investors. The Mint is a privately owned enterprise specializing in producing silver coins and bars. Brilliant Uncirculated and unique proof versions are available, making Germania Mint silver a versatile choice for anyone interested in collecting or investing in silver.

Germania Mint Coin Series

The coins and bars produced by the Germania Mint push the boundaries of collector coin design to be the most recognized mint in the world. Numerous releases from the Germania Mint use the German Mark, a now-defunct denomination that is no longer in circulation. This creates an ornamental-only denomination that gives their non-legal cash medals and rounds an official appearance. 

The Germania Mint produces silver coins and rounds under various series, and the mint often collaborates with countries like Malta and Niue to create legal tender coins.

Germania Series

The Germania Series is the flagship range from the Germania Mint. This collection's historical woman used as an allegory stands for the German people. Every date mark in the series added by the Germania Mint represents a new depiction of Germany in their collection. Her image is frequently shown with a cape over her neck that flows back in the breeze and a wreath crown on her head. 

Throughout the German Empire, Germania was often depicted holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other in the artwork.

Lady Germania Ennobled BU ANA

Step into extraordinary numismatic artistry with the magnificent 2023 ANA Germania silver Lady Ennobled BU rounds. These rounds are a variant of the 2023 Germania ANA Edition for the '2023 World Money Fair'. 

This coin showcases enhanced design features, making it an exceptional addition to any collection enriched with palladium, yellow gold, and ruthenium. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each of the 999 limited edition pieces, presented in exclusive and elegant fair packaging, making it a highly coveted treasure for collectors and enthusiasts.

Displayed on the reverse side is the Bicephalous Eagle, which is the iconic coat of arms of the Germania Mint. This emblem strongly connects to Germanic mythology and is linked to Janus, the god who watches over new beginnings, safeguards gates and bridges, and supports alliances. The eagle's heads face opposite directions, representing the past and the future, and serve as a symbol of Germania's enduring legacy and her journey through time.

On the obverse side, Germania is depicted holding a sword in the 2 oz coin. In comparison, in the 10 oz coin, she is portrayed as having plunged her imperial sword, Reichsscwert, into the ground and gazing upon the land filled with lush vegetation.

BOLD offers these Lady Germania Ennobled BU ANA in two different sizes, including:

1) 2023 Silver 2 oz Lady Germania Ennobled BU Round ANA

2) 2023 Silver 10 oz Lady Germania Ennobled BU Round ANA

The other popular Germania series coins offered by BOLD are:

1) 2023 Silver 1 oz Lady Germania Proof Round

2) 2023 Silver 1 Kilo Lady Germania BU Round

3) 2023 Silver 10 oz Lady Germania BU Round

Germania Mint has created a striking coin series, Allegories, inspired by the supremacy of femininity and highlights the exceptional figures of "Mothers of Nations". 

In this series, the main character is a feminine portrayal of Germania, accompanied by personifications of other nations. The first feminine impersonations of nations in the Western world were majestic manifestations of values believed to characterize specific countries or regions. These visualizations were often derived from the image of the goddess Athena and were given Latin names of ancient Roman provinces, such as Polonia, Germania, Britannia, and Italia.

2023 Silver 1 oz Allegories: Galia & Germania BU

The obverse design of the Galia & Germania silver round depicts Germania and Galia, the allegories of victory, standing together in unity, having successfully defeated the Roman Empire and its legions. They are seen walking gracefully amidst the ruins of the Roman Army. 

On the reverse side of the 2023 1 oz Galia & Germania silver rounds, the Germania coat of arms is presented, featuring a quartered shield, an imperial crown at the top, and a wreath of oak leaves.

We also offer 2023 Silver 5 oz Allegories: Galia & Germania BU at the lowest prices. 

BOLD further provides a wide selection of popular coins from the Germania Mint.

1) 2023 Silver 2 oz Germania Niue Chameleon Color HR Coin

The "Representatives of the Species" series begins with the release of the Niue Island 2023 – Chameleon 2 oz silver high relief coin. The Mint of Poland and the Germania Mint created an extraordinary representation of the most exceptional animals.

This coin holds great value for collectors and symbolizes their appreciation for the natural world and their ecological responsibility.

An intricately designed chameleon is depicted on the obverse side of the coin, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of the Mint of Poland and Germania Mint. The chameleon is captured in stunning detail, highlighting its remarkable characteristics. 

The coin's reverse side features the Niue coat of arms, making it valuable for collectors.

2) 2022 Germania Knights of the Past Malta 1 oz Silver BU

The Knights of The Past coin series debuted with two exquisitely detailed and visually stunning designs. The obverse of the 2022 silver Malta Knights of the Past 1 oz BU commemorative coin showcases an intricate, energetic scene depicting a Knight of Malta in battle with an Ottoman invader during the Great Siege of Malta with inscriptions.

The reverse of this great commemorative coin depicts the Order's coat of arms emblazoned upon a rotating shield held by a Maltese Knight. "MALTA" and "2022" are among the inscriptions.

The highly successful Knights of the Past series continues with this acceptable premium commemorative coin offering. Individual coins and a Certificate of Authenticity are presented in a blister pack within a mint-issued capsule.

Germania Mint Cast Bars

Germania Mint produces contemporary collectible and investment goods with eye-catching design, fine craftsmanship, and creative packaging. The first investment offering from Germania Mint will be silver cast bars, which will debut in early 2021. 

The silver bars immediately became popular with collectors and investors. Products with various weights, sizes, and patterns are continuously added to the assortment.

The authenticity of cast silver bars is ensured by engraving unique numbers and the protection of holograms with identification numbers. Each product is registered in Germania Mint's database, which enables users to confirm a product's authenticity by fusing two distinct numbers — one etched on the bar and the other inscribed on the hologram.

Germania Mint's initial line of silver cast bars was the 1000g Series A bars composed of .999 fine silver. Today, they produce a complete range of investment products from LBMA-certified sources of .9999 fine silver.

Silver Cast Bars Design

The front of the cast bars typically displays the key information, while the opposite side is left blank. The logo is at the top, followed by the company's name, fineness, and weight. Each bar has a unique serial number at the bottom, guaranteeing its authenticity.

The Germania Mint logo is rich in symbolism, featuring a two-headed eagle inside a crowned shield surrounded by laurel wreaths. The double-headed eagle represents Janus, a patron of origins and gateways in Roman mythology, as well as the contrast between the past and the future. The warrior hero image on the shield symbolizes fidelity and trust, while the laurel wreath dates back to ancient Greek traditions and was used to celebrate triumphs and accomplishments.

Security Features of Germania Cast Silver Bars

Every silver bar Germania Mint produces a unique serial number safeguarded by a hologram featuring an identification code. The Germania Mint registers each bar in its database and incorporates security features to ensure its authenticity and inherent worth. 

The bars are packaged in a vacuum-sealed material that shields them from environmental factors. These packages feature elaborative designs and refined finishes exclusive to Germania Mint's collection.

Popular Silver Germania Cast Bars Available at BOLD:

1) Silver 1 oz Germania Cast Bar

2) Silver 100 oz Germania Cast Bar

3) Silver 10 oz Germania Mint Cast Bar

4) Silver 5 oz Germania Cast Bar

5) Silver 100 Gram Germania Mint Cast Bar

6) Silver 250 Gram Germania Mint Cast Bar

7) Silver 500 Gram Germania Mint Cast Bar

Elevate Your Investment with Germania Mint Silver Bars

Here are a few reasons why you must consider purchasing Germania Mint silver bars:

1) High Quality

Silver bars from the Germania Mint are valued and renowned worldwide for being made of .999 pure silver. As a result, you can be sure you are utilizing a high-quality product.

2) Range of Sizes

From smaller 1 oz bars to bigger 1 kg bars, Germania Mint offers silver bars in various sizes. The availability of several sizes enables investors to choose the best sizes for their needs.

3) Affordability

Investing in precious metals becomes a realistic option due to the affordable prices of Germania Mint silver bars, which entices consumers towards purchasing Germania Mint silver bars.

4) A Reputable Source

The Germania Mint is a trustworthy provider of silver bullion, highly regarded for producing top-notch merchandise. Silver bars from the Germania Mint are praised and valued across the globe.

Choosing a reputable and authorized dealer like BOLD is paramount when investing in precious metals. BOLD Precious Metals offers exceptional products and great deals for investing in precious metals. 

Whether novice or experienced, investors can look to BOLD Precious Metals for investment-grade precious metals.

Buy Germania Mint Silver Coins and Bars From BOLD Precious Metals

BOLD Precious Metals provides a vast selection of precious metals, which includes Germania Mint silver bars and coins. BOLD has been a longstanding player in this industry, consistently striving to uphold the highest customer service standards, competitive pricing, and timely shipping. 

Hence, purchasing Germania Mint silver bars and collectibles at BOLD Precious Metals is wise for investors and collectors looking for top-notch quality silver bars at the lowest prices.



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