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    2023 Silver Royal Mint Britannia King Charles III 1 oz BU

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    Silver Great Britain Britannia *Random Date* - 1 oz

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    2024 Silver 1 oz British Royal Mint Britannia BU

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    2024 1/4 oz British Royal Mint Britannia Silver Coin (BU)

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    2024 1/10 oz British Royal Mint Britannia Silver Coin (BU)

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    2024 1 Kilo British Royal Mint Britannia Silver Coin (BU)

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    2024 10 oz British Royal Mint Britannia Silver Coin (BU)

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    Buy Britannia Silver Coins at BOLD Precious Metals

    The Britannia collection is highly valued as one of the top annual coin releases by the Royal Mint of England. The Royal Mint started the Britannia series in 1987 as a gold bullion coin,  eventually expanding to silver and platinum. The British silver Britannia holds the prestigious title of being the official silver bullion coin of Great Britain and features a revered and iconic design on its reverse side. With its roots dating back to the late 17th century in British coinage, Britannia has gained global recognition as a cherished symbol of Great Britain and the Royal Mint.

    British Britannia Silver coins

    Only some other coins, like the British Britannia coin, can claim the distinction of having over 11 centuries of minting history. Produced by the esteemed Royal Mint, the silver Britannia coin carries a rich historical legacy. Throughout the evolution of the British Empire and its societal transformations, the process of silver coin production has remained remarkably consistent. The Royal Mint adheres to the highest standards achievable with modern technology, making the British Britannia a highly coveted coin sought after by collectors and investors. Acquiring these silver coins enhances your collection or investment portfolio and adds a tangible connection to a thousand years of remarkable coinage.

    Brief History of the Britannia silver coin

    Collectors so well received the Royal Mint's introduction of gold Britannia coins in 1987 that the mint decided to manufacture a silver version in 1997. Throughout 15 years, the silver Britannia coins underwent notable modifications in size, weight, and composition.

    Between 1997 and 2012, these coins were crafted from an alloy called Britannia silver, which consisted of a blend of silver and copper. This alloy, introduced during King William III's recoinage scheme in 1696, replaced the sterling silver standard. Britannia silver had a silver content of .958 and contained 11 ½ troy oz of silver in the pound troy.

    In 2013, the Royal Mint changed the coins' formation. They increased the silver purity to .999 pure silver and slightly reduced the mass and size.

    In addition to these alterations in size, shape, and silver purity, the silver Britannia coins have only undergone one significant modification, which involves the utilization of distinct depictions of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side. However, the reverse side has consistently featured Philip Nathan's depiction of powerful Britannia in every release.

    Britannia Silver Coins Design 

    The British silver Britannia coins have displayed three distinct depictions of Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse side. Notably, the 1997 silver Britannias are unique within the series as they exclusively feature the third-generation portrait of the Queen, created by Raphael Maklouf in 1985. This portrayal presents a right-profile image of the Queen adorned with the royal diadem crown, earrings, and a necklace, distinguishing it from earlier and later designs.

    From 1998 to 2015, the silver Britannia coins displayed the fourth-generation design by Ian Rank-Broadley. His realistic portrayal of the Queen in the right profile at 70 became widely popular.

    In 2016, Jody Clark's fifth-generation portrait of Her Majesty was introduced, appearing on the silver Britannia and other coinage from the Royal Mint.  With the passing away of Her Highness in early 2023, the obverse side of the new British silver Britannia coins showcases the inaugural portrait of King Charles III. Designed by Martin Jennings, the picture presents the King in left-profile relief, notably without a crown.

    On the reverse side of these coins, the Royal Mint continues to feature Philip Nathan's depiction of Britannia, chosen through a competition held by the Mint during the 1980s. Britannia is represented as a powerful female figure standing on the southern coast of the British Isles, near the water's edge. Adorned with a Corinthian helmet, her windswept hair cascades beneath it while her gown billows in the wind. Britannia holds a trident in her right hand, symbolizing control over the seas, while her left-hand carries an olive branch and a shield displaying the Union Jack. This design signifies a desire for peace coupled with preparedness for defense.

    Over the years, the background field designs behind Britannia on the silver Britannia coins have varied. The 2016 coins featured a stippled or hammered background, while the 2017 coins introduced a sunburst design. The obverse background field has also changed, with the original coins having a stippled background and the 2018 coins featuring a new guilloche background design resembling a braided ribbon. This new design enhances the security of the coins against counterfeiting.

    2023 Silver Royal Mint Britannia King Charles III 1 oz BU

    In 2023, The Royal Mint unveiled a Britannia coins series showcasing Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II alongside the effigy of King Charles III. These exceptional coins contain 1 oz of .999 fine Silver and are thoughtfully encased in protective packaging. They are conveniently offered for sale in multiples of 25, neatly arranged in tubes and quantities of 500, securely packaged in 20-mint tubes inside a Monster Box. Furthermore, these coins can be included in Precious Metals IRAs, providing a valuable investment opportunity.

    Silver Great Britain Britannia *Random Date* - 1 oz

    The 1 oz silver Britannia BU (Random Date) coin consists of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, representing the highest purity level for silver coins produced by the Royal Mint. This product is sourced from various dates and may include coins from the secondary market.

    About the British Royal Mint

    The Royal Mint is the oldest government mint in the United Kingdom and is responsible for producing British coins. The British silver Britannia is minted under the ownership of His Majesty's Treasury and holds a privileged contract to produce the country's coinage. Alongside its role in minting coins for domestic and international markets, the Royal Mint is a renowned provider of precious metal products.

    Throughout history, the Royal Mint has played a significant role in consolidating various mints, ultimately centralizing the production of coins for the Kingdom of England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and other nations within the Commonwealth. Initially located within the Tower of London for many centuries, it later moved to the Royal Mint Court until the 1960s.

    In response to the declining use of cash, the Royal Mint has been diversifying its business since 2018. The company has diversified its portfolio to include investments in precious metals, rare coins with historical value, and high-end collectibles like Tudor Beasts. As a result, it achieved an operating profit of £12.7 million during the fiscal year 2020–2021, indicating successful financial performance.

    In 2022, The Royal Mint announced its plans to construct a new facility in South Wales dedicated to recovering precious metals from electronic waste. This initiative aims to promote sustainability. The newly sourced gold from this process is already being utilized in a new jewelry division called 886 by the Royal Mint, commemorating its symbolic founding date.

    Interesting Facts About Britannia Silver Coins

    • Britannia's iconic image appeared on Roman coins in 119 AD.

    The Romans used the term ‘Britannia’ to refer to Great Britain. The Romans had a tradition of personifying nations as female figures, and thus, early coins depicted Britannia as a woman, symbolizing the conquest and colonization of Britain. This portrayal of coins visually represented Roman dominance over the island.

    • Britannia coins have been consistently issued under every British monarch since the seventeenth century.

    Under Charles II, Britannia reappeared on British coins as a personification of protection and maritime dominance. Roman coins depicted Britannia seated amidst the waves. Since the seventeenth century, Britannia has consistently featured on coins issued by every British monarch—her status as an enduring British symbol embodying unity, liberty, and strength.

    • The design of the Britannia coins has evolved throughout time.

    The renowned reverse design of the Britannia coin, created by sculptor Philip Nathan, was introduced during its launch in 1987. This design portrays a heroic Britannia standing on rocks in long flowing robes. Britannia holds a trident in her right hand while her left-hand clasps an olive branch resting on a shield. 

    This symbolism represents peace and protection. Over the years, the design has varied, including different poses such as standing, seated, riding a chariot, a helmeted version, and even Britannia holding the Union Jack flag. These variations have added diversity and visual interest to the portrayal of Britannia on the coin.

    • The Britannia coin has featured fascinating new changes since 2021.

    Starting in 2021, the Britannia coins continue to showcase the renowned and iconic design by sculptor Philip Nathan, with notable enhancements. The Royal Mint has implemented advanced laser technology to incorporate additional security features, elevating the coin's visual integrity and authenticity. These security features encompass a latent image, micro text, surface animation, and tincture lines. As a result, Britannia coins have become highly secure and resistant to counterfeiting while enhancing the classic design's aesthetic appeal. This integration of cutting-edge security measures ensures that the Britannia coins are among the most visually and practically secure coins worldwide.

    Benefits of Buying Britannia Silver Coins

    • Affordability vs Value

    The affordability and availability of silver Britannia coins make them popular among buyers. These coins can be purchased in tubes of 25 or monster boxes 500, allowing for convenient storage. As bullion coins, they are easily accessible from BOLD Precious Metals at the lowest premiums, especially when buying in bulk. Silver has historically been cheaper than gold, with the price ratio reaching as high as 125:1 in March 2020. 

    This lower price point makes silver Britannia coins an attractive option for investors seeking entry into the precious metals market. Consequently, these factors have contributed to silver Britannia coins' significant popularity and gains.

    • Tax efficiency

    As a legal tender, the silver Britannia coin allows UK investors to enjoy tax-free capital gains. This exemption from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) presents a significant advantage for investors seeking to minimize their tax liabilities. 

    Considering the importance of tax awareness in portfolio building, the silver Britannia emerges as an attractive choice for constructing a tax-efficient silver investment portfolio in the UK.

    • Liquidity

    The silver Britannia is a globally recognized and widely popular coin due to its issuance by the Royal Mint. This widespread recognition contributes to its high liquidity, making it easy to sell in markets worldwide. 

    This advantage ensures that buyers can sell the coin promptly at any time without incurring significant losses in terms of market value. The liquidity factor significantly enhances the demand for silver Britannia coins among investors who value the ability to hold investments that can be easily converted into cash when needed.

    Why Buy From BOLD?

    Investing in precious metals like silver British Britannia coin is an excellent way to diversify a portfolio, build a coin collection, or pursue an investment strategy. These coins are highly sought after worldwide, ensuring they can be easily bought or sold to support individual financial objectives. 

    To ensure a secure and efficient purchasing process with the lowest prices, BOLD Precious Metals is a trusted platform that offers a wide range of bullion options, including British Britannia silver coins and other precious metals. 

    So embark on your silver collection and investment journey today with British Britannia coins, appreciating their visual appeal and intrinsic value.

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