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Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)
Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)
Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)
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Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)

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Dive into history with the Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round by Golden State Mint. A masterful fusion of tradition and quality awaits every collector.
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Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round (Golden State Mint)

Golden State Mint presents the Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round, a striking fusion of historic sentiment and modern minting precision. Beyond its evident splendor, this piece is a reverent nod to the Buffalo Nickel's legacy, a coin that held prominence from 1913 to 1938.


  • Composition: 2 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.
  • Design Origin: Inspired by the Buffalo Nickel.
  • Minting Excellence: Crafted by Golden State Mint.
  • Series Distinction: Part of the revered Buffalo collection.
  • Measurements: Approximate diameter of 47 mm | 1.85".
  • Thickness: Around 4.2 mm | 0.17".

Golden State Mint's Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round stands as a testament to the timeless allure of history entwined with silver artisanship. Designed to mirror the iconic features of the Buffalo Nickel, this round boasts detailed engravings of a Native American figure on its obverse, reflecting an era when coins were more than currency—they were miniature canvases of national identity. The reverse proudly displays an American bison, echoing tales of the expansive wild west and the nation's progression.

But what makes this piece exceptionally captivating is the precision with which it's minted. Golden State Mint, an institution renowned for its craftsmanship, has ensured that every contour, every detail, resonates with the beholder. This round, with its approximate diameter of 47 mm and thickness of 4.2 mm, fits comfortably in the palm, yet feels weighty with history and value.

As part of the distinguished Buffalo collection, this round isn't merely silver—it's a narrative, bridging the past and the present. The sleek reeded edge design offers a tactile experience, further elevating its aesthetic charm. For those who understand the nuances of metallurgy intertwined with stories of yesteryears, the Silver 2 oz Buffalo Round emerges as a collectible par excellence.

Discover the tales etched in silver, and let this exquisite piece from Golden State Mint narrate the chronicles of a nation's journey.

Product ID:2155299991-BUFF
Mint:Golden State Mint
Metal Composition:Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Tube Size:20
Box Size:-
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