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2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin
2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin
2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin
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2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin

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Explore Africa's grace with the 2023 Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin, a .9999 fine gold tribute to this iconic and elegant creature.
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2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin

The 2023 1 oz Gold Equatorial Guinea Giraffe coin is a stunning tribute to the beauty of Equatorial Guinea's wildlife, notably the majestic giraffe. BOLD is delighted to offer this Giraffe coin to its collectors and investors at the best prices.

Equatorial Guinea, located on the west coast of Central Africa, boasts a unique wildlife scene despite its relatively small landmass. It has a diverse range of wildlife with five ecoregions, including the Atlantic Equatorial coastal forests, Central African mangroves, Cross-Sanaga-Bioko coastal forests, Mount Cameroon, and Bioko montane forests. The giraffe is the nation's national emblem and is a recurring symbol in the country's culture.

Key Features

  • 2023 Gold 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Coin
  • Purity: contains 1 oz of .9999 pure gold
  • Obverse: Depicts an elegant scene where two giraffes stand tall with relaxed expressions, gracefully and adorably leaning on each other. It also includes essential inscriptions.
  • Reverse: The Equatorial Guinea Giraffe 1 oz silver coins from 2023 are adorned with the country's coat of arms.
  • Face value: 3000 Francs CFA
  • Legal tender: Legal Tender in Equatorial Guinea
  • Finish: Struck in proof quality, highlighting the design's minute details with a mirror-like finish.
  • Mintage: Extremely limited mintage of only 100 coins, enhancing its rarity.
  • Packaging: Coins are packaged individually in coin zip bags and tubes of 20 coins.

The graceful silhouette of a giraffe rises in the middle of Equatorial Guinea's lush landscapes, signifying the region's diverse and unique fauna. The graceful, seemingly sky-reaching giraffe of Equatorial Guinea is a majestic representation of nature's creative ability.

With each gentle stride, it moves across the verdant field, a living illustration of how to adapt to challenging environmental conditions. As the sun casts dappled shadows through the trees, the giraffe's remarkable spots blend perfectly with the foliage, emphasizing its harmonious coexistence with its natural habitat.

Whether for your collection or as a gift, this coin is a timeless representation of nature's beauty and the artistic skill of minting. Add this rare and exquisite piece to your collection and celebrate the splendor of the African giraffe.

Secure your piece of African wildlife and numismatic excellence with the 2023 1 oz Equatorial Guinea Giraffe Gold Coin.

Product ID:3940120232
Year Released:2023
Mint:Scottsdale Mint
Series: Giraffe
Country:Equatorial Guinea
Metal Composition:Gold
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Denomination:3000 Francos CFA
Tube Size:5
Box Size:-
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