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2023 1 oz Niue Equilibrium Silver Coin (Proof)
2023 1 oz Niue Equilibrium Silver Coin (Proof)
2023 1 oz Niue Equilibrium Silver Coin (Proof)2023 1 oz Niue Equilibrium Silver Coin (Proof)
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2023 1 oz Niue Equilibrium Silver Coin (Proof)

1 oz .999 fine silver. Sixth release in the Equilibrium coin series.
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2023 Silver 1 oz Niue Equilibrium (Proof)

With a limited mintage of 1,000 coins, this excellent link of craftsmanship and Asian culture can be yours now at BOLD Precious Metals' affordable prices. Equilibrium represents the balance between the Yin (good) and Yang (bad) in a harmonic manner. This coin comes in a proof-like condition packaged in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Key Features:

  • 2023 Silver 1 oz Niue Equilibrium (Proof)
  • Purity: 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine silver.
  • Obverse: This bears the coat of arms of the Niue Islands and the face value.
  • Reverse : This displays the decorated and artistic display of the Yin & Yang and the harmony between them termed as Equilibrium, along with the inscriptions weight, metal content, and purity.
  • Mintage: Extremely limited mintage of 1,000 coins only!
  • Face Value: 2 Dollars (NZD).
  • Legal Tender: Legal tender in the Niue islands.
  • Finish: Proof.
  • Dimensions: 38 mm in Diameter, and 2.8 mm in Thickness.
  • Packaging: Each silvernote bar comes in a vacuum-sealed plastic packaging!

The obverse of the 2023 Silver 1 oz Niue Equilibrium bears the coat of arms of the Niue islands ensuring that the coin is a legal tender. The coat of arms of Niue islands displays a crown on the top, settled on a traditional garland of 13 seashells. The garland encircles an inner circle housing the plants of the islands. A banner notifying the motto of the Niue islands, “ATUA NIUE TUKULAGI” that translates to “God, Niue Eternally” is supported by two cleaving clubs on either of the banner.

The reverse of the coin meticulously displays the artistic brilliance and craftsmanship in a proof finish. The design features the classic Asian belief of Yin & Yang and the harmony between them. The moniker, Equilibrium, depicts the balance between the light half and the dark half of the decorated circle. This circle representing harmony and equilibrium of opposite forces is enhanced by the floral designs. The identifying marks of purity as; “1oz FINE SILVER 9999” and “EQUILIBRIUM” are also inscribed.

Ying & Yang

The ancient Chinese belief of the holistic and dynamic coexistence of opposite forces. Yin represents the feminine forces, such as water, moon, darkness, whereas Yang represents masculine forces like, sun, fire, light etc. This 2023 Silver 1 oz Niue Equilibrium elaborates this belief by emphasizing the balance (Equilibrium) in their coexistence, where Yin and Yang, support and reinforce each other.

About the Pressburg Mint

Bratislava, formerly known as Pressburg, is the headquarters for the Pressburg Mint that specializes in creating the amalgamation of art, financial value, and wisdom in the precious metal products. The minting history of the profound Celtic tribes was brought back to life by the establishment of the Pressburg Mint in 2015. As one of the most reputed private mint, the products of the Pressburg Mint are available to purchase at BOLD Precious Metals as its authorized dealer.

BOLD Precious Metals sells the 2023 Silver 1 oz Niue Equilibrium and various Niue series bullion coins at the most competitive prices, as we are Pressburg Mint's authorized dealer. Grab this incredible coin now to bring harmony and charm to your portfolio!

Product ID:2640020233
Year Released:2023
Mint:Pressburg Mint
Series: Equilibrium
Metal Composition:Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Denomination:2 Dollars
Diameter:38 mm
Thickness:2.8 mm
Tube Size:-
Box Size:-
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