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1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar
1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar
1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar
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1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar

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Experience the splendor of the 1 Kilo RCM Gold Bar, a .9999 pure gold symbol of wealth from the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint.
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1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar

BOLD is proud to offer the 1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint. It is the pinnacle of excellence in gold bars, and BOLD is thrilled to present this substantial gold bar. One of the purest gold bars, the 1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint gold bar is crafted with the utmost precision and is made of .9999 fine gold.

The 1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint gold bar is a reliable and well-known investment around the world because it has the Royal Canadian Mint's seal of authenticity attached to it. Each bar is individually sealed and packaged tamper-evident to ensure authenticity and safeguard your investment.

Key Features

  • 1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bar
  • Purity: Contains 1 Kilo (32.15 troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse: Obverse features identifying markers like weight, purity, serial number, and the RCM logo.
  • Reverse: The reverse is left blank.
  • Bar Variations: Slight variations may occur between bars due to different production cycles, adding uniqueness to each piece.
  • IRA Approved: Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Packaging: Securely packaged in protective plastic to maintain its pristine condition.

For many years, people seeking to safeguard their wealth against the fluctuations of the world stock markets have turned to gold bars as a reliable source of investment. In this regard, all gold bars are reasonably priced, but investors specifically seek out bars with high purity. Royal Canadian Mint makes its bars with the highest gold purity.

The only engravings on these exquisitely crafted 1 kilogram RCM gold bars are on the front. The official logo of the Royal Canadian Mint is displayed at the top alongside other markings arranged in descending order. The name of the mint is displayed in a circle around the design, with the French term "Monnaie Royale Canadienne" appearing below and the English word "Royal Canadian Mint" above, all centered around a stylized maple leaf.

In 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint was established in Ottawa, the nation's capital. For more than 60 years, this facility was solely responsible for producing Canadian currency. When the Royal Canadian Mint's Winnipeg facility opened in 1976, the RCM could divide its workload. The Ottawa facility now handles all bullion and commemorative production, and Winnipeg is where all Canadian and foreign currency in circulation is struck.

Add this beautiful, high-quality Gold 1 Kilo Bar (RCM) to your investment portfolio today!

Product ID:3210099991-RCM
Year Released:Varies
Mint:Royal Canadian Mint
Metal Composition:Gold
Face Weight: 1 kg
Tube Size:-
Box Size:-
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