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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)
Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)
Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)
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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)

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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design)

BOLD is happy to present the Mixed Design Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin. The Vreneli, or Swiss 20 franc gold coin, was initially introduced in 1897 and remained in circulation until 1936, after which its production was halted. Although newer coins have been released, they are all restrikes and stamped with the dates 1947 and 1949. Some 1935 coins were restrikes, released at the end of the Second World War to fulfill the demand for gold coinage that the Swiss National Bank had predicted. However, there are still genuine 1935 coins in circulation, so keep an eye out for the "L" mintmark on the restrikes.

Key Features

  • Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Mixed Design).
  • Purity: Contains .1867 Troy oz of .900 pure gold in varied conditions.
  • Obverse: Features the portrait of Helvetia in left-profile relief.
  • Reverse: Displays the Swiss coat of arms along with face value, year, and mont mark.
  • Legal Tender: Issued by the Switzerland.
  • Face Value: 20 Franc (Swiss).
  • Diameter: 21 mm.
  • Mint: Bern Mint.
  • Packaging: Ships in protective packaging.

You can find attractive savings by comparing Swiss Francs to modern counterparts of similar size like American Eagles. Their age increases security and privacy. Their fixed and restricted supply increases the possibility of profit. Finally, because Helvetias are small (about the size of a modern penny) and familiar, they not only perform well as gold rises but also provide peace of mind as ideal emergency money.

Fritz Ulysse Landry created the left-profile relief portrait of Helvetia on the obverse face in 1895. Helvetia is regarded as the embodiment of Switzerland in a feminine form. The Swiss Alps' peaks can be seen in the background.

The Switzerland coat of arms, which was also created by Landry, is displayed on the back of the 20 franc Swiss Gold Coin. The Swiss national shield is in the center, surrounded by oak leaves on the sides. This face also has the year of issue and the face value.

Acquire this Mixed-Design 20 Franc Gold Coin from Switzerland to bolster your collection and investment portfolio.

Product ID:3800299991-Swiss
Year Released:Varies
Mint:Paris Mint
Series: World Gold
Metal Composition:Gold
Face Weight: 0.1867 troy oz
Denomination:20 Corona
Diameter:21 mm
Thickness:1.4 mm
Tube Size:-
Box Size:-
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