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Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)
Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)
Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)

Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)

This MS64 graded coin by NGC showcases the incredible artistic and minting brilliance with its stunning shimmering beauty! Add the Peace Silver Dollar to your cart today!
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Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)

The Peace Silver Dollar embraces American Coinage history in its design and the distinct competitive method of finding the designer. The MS64-graded coin depicts an average or better strike with mild and scattered hairlines or marks. The NGC-graded and packed Peace Silver Dollar is now available for purchase at BOLD, its certified affiliation!

Key Features

  • Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 (Random)
  • Purity: Contains 0.7734 troy ounce of 0.900 fine silver.
  • Obverse: It bears the left profile effigy of Lady Liberty with the year of issue, “LIBERTY” and the motto of the US inscribed.
  • Reverse: It displays the American bald eagle perched with the inscriptions for face value and the country of the issue surrounding it.
  • Face value: 1 DOLLAR (USD)
  • Dimensions: Diameter of 38.1 mm and 3.1 mm in Thickness.
  • Packaging: Each coin comes in a protective plastic encapsulation by the NGC, and multiples of 20 coins in the NGC slab holder box.
We'll deliver the Peace Dollars depending on availability while maintaining consistent grading standards.

The obverse, designed by Anthony De Francisci and modeled by his wife, Teresa De Francisci, displays Lady Liberty. The Lady wears the classic Phrygian cap with a radiate crown made of the sun rays. The left profile effigy of the Lady is surrounded by the inscriptions for “LIBERTY”, the motto of the US “IN GOD WE TRVST”. The coin has depictions of the Latin script and Roman coins, such as the “U” in the word “TRVST” is rendered as “V”.

The reverse side of the Peace Silver Dollar bears the portrayal of the majestic American bald eagle perched on an olive branch as it gazes in the distance. The portrayal includes the rising sun in the background that is collectively encircled by identifying marks. The inscriptions include the country of issue, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, the face value, “ONE DOLLAR” and the motto of the US, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” that stands for ‘Out of many, One’.

The Distinct Selection Method of Anthony De Francisci

In the year 1921, the Chairman of the US Commission of Fine Arts, Charles Moore, along with the Buffalo Nickel designer, James Earle Fraser, and Mint Director Baker, decided to hold a design competition for the proposed dollar to succeed the Morgan Dollar after the minting of 25 years. The competition was open to the only invited sculptors, and Anthony De Francisco was the youngest and the least experienced of them all. Even though the design included his wife as the Lady Liberty, two reverse designs were selected and approved for production!

BOLD offers this Peace Silver Dollar at the best budget friendly prices, featuring a prestigious MS64 grade certified by NGC. Act now to secure yours today!

Product ID:2990099990-NGC_MS64
Year Released:Varies
Mint:United States Mint
Series: Peace Dollar
Country:United States of America
Metal Composition:Silver
Face Weight: 0.7734 troy oz
Denomination:1 Dollar
Diameter:40.6 mm
Thickness:2.98 mm
Tube Size:-
Box Size:-
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